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Hello and welcome to Airesoft. We aim to provide tools and other helpful app downloads for developers and system administrators alike.

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Easily download streams from Twitch.tv

Direct2D ePSXe and PCSX GPU Plugin

Update to Pete's / P.e.op.s DirectDraw plugin. Adds Direct2D & SSE2.


Command line tool to split Gran Turismo 2 VOL files into their constituent files and folders.


A simple tool to create new import libraries and .def files from any dll or exe.


There are tools which let you magnify the screen, there are tools which let you remote control windows. Now there's a tool which lets you do both together. WindowWatcher for Windows Vista, 7, and 8.


DisAsm is a simple command line disassembler for Windows. Using the built-in WinDbg disassembling engine, it handles PE format files produced for x86, amd64 and IA-64 along side ARM and Thumb binaries produced by eMbedded VC no matter which bitness or architecture your version of Windows is.

Chroot for Windows

Chroot is a popular Linux tool that allows you to run a program that cannot access files outside of a specific file system folder tree. Now, using undocumented features, a native Windows version is available that doesn't require the usage of Cygwin or any additional software.


AudRecord is an audio recording and capture dll library for Windows Vista and up. It takes raw audio samples from a device and moulds them into WMA files for playback, network streams for communal listening, etc, their application is only limited by your imagination.


MsgHookLister outputs information about windows and their threads, including details of pending messages such as what they are, who sent them, when, and by which method.

And now, that's not all. In this jazzed up version 2.0, MsgLister has grown to love another Win32k/User object type, the simple hook. The ability to scan the system for any and all active global or per-thread Win32 hooks