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32 and 64-bit PCRE for Windows

Perl-Compatible Regular-Expression (PCRE) is a C based library for regular expression pattern matching using the semantics of Perl 5.

The files here are prebuilt 32- and 64-bit binaries and libraries compiled by Visual Studio 2008. These binaries are linked to the systems' msvcrt.dll like the distribution provided by GnuWin32. No part of Visual Studio or its redistributables are required to use these files or build your applications.

The dll files that are suffixed with a 'd' were built with Visual Studio's debug configuration, that is without optimization and various runtime error checks and stack buffer overflow checks enabled.

Note that these libraries are provided for convenience purposes only. Any problems or bugs encountered within PCRE should be directed towards the PCRE bug repository.

PCRE 8.12

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Size: 2.33 MB
MD5: 3aaefdcf1d2e362396f16a20f7f2bca4
SHA1: e2dffe6156037db51c752167c95d9975d996bb48
CRC32: 1d8b4d0d

PCRE 8.20

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Size: 2.76 MB
MD5: fd05679edc6a54016bb0e6612e3e030f
SHA1: 92abbf8b9271baaba4c6a6b6aae285af0b8804f8
CRC32: 99f2181d

PCRE 8.33

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Size: 4.21 MB
MD5: 410c228befe0c9771139aba2fc1d650c
SHA1: bd554a8c9e4d46f35ef53a491f507e31344ba48e
CRC32: 63291b21

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