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Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
alloc.cppImplements memory management, and the default function used if no user defined one have been specified
alloc.h [code]Declarations for functions relating to memory management
AudRecordInt.cppImplements the IAudRecord interface in an AudRecord object, dev documentation
AudRecordInt.h [code]Declares the AudRecord class that implements the IAudRecord interface, dev documentation
convert.cppImplements the SSE sample conversion functions and the other non template conversion related functions. This file has the stack checking switch (/GS) turned off, as for some reason VS wants to include one in all the SSE functions, none of which use any stack space
convert.h [code]Declares and implements function used for converting between the mixer and codec formats
ctnumlimits.h [code]Defines a template for compile time min and max of signed types
device.cppContains functions for the enumeration of audio render endpoints
device.h [code]Contains declaration of the function s which work with IMMDevice's and their enumeration
ETWEventFunctions.inlIncludes the common functions for ETW error reporting This file isn't compiled as normal, it's included by those who wish to use its error reporting
ETWEvents.cppDefines the AudRecord event provider GUID and includes the shared file to enable event reporting
ETWEvents.h [code]Declares functions and macros for use by the Event Tracing for Windows reporting functionality. This file is shared between AudRecordLib and AudRecordCLI
exports.cppImplements the exported functions
exports.h [code]Defines the exported functions and structures
IAudRecord.idl [code]Documents the IAudRecord interface
macroutils.h [code]Defines a custom ASSERT macro and other useful macro stuff
main.cppDefines the main entry point of the dll and other global functions
messages.cppImplements the message processing functions for AudRecord's sampling thread
messages.h [code]Declares the bits required for communicating with the sampling thread
misc.cppImplements the miscellaneous functions defined in misc.h
misc.h [code]Declarations for miscellaneous functions
nullsink.cppImplements the NullSink class and the StaticBuffer class returned by NullSink::AllocateDataUnit()
nullsink.h [code]Declares the NullSink class
resource.h [code]
rtlresource.cppImplements the thin wrapper class around the fat read/write lock functions that are exported by ntdll.dll
rtlresource.h [code]Definitions for functions and objects using Microsoft fat read/write lock
scoped.h [code]RAII guards arounds Windows resources, arrays and COM objects
stdafx.h [code]Main precompiled header, includes project wide header files
wmfunctions.cppImplements that which uses the Windows Media SDK codec, profile, and information functions such as enumeration of codecs and their formats and matching mixer audio formats to codec inputs
wmfunctions.h [code]Declares functions that interact with the Windows Media SDK
AudRecordCLI/AudRecordWrap.cppImplements the wrapper of the native IAudRecord interface
AudRecordCLI/AudRecordWrap.h [code]Declaration of the managed bits that are associated with the native IAudRecord interface
AudRecordCLI/CodecWrap.cppImplements the functions to do with wrapping codecs
AudRecordCLI/CodecWrap.h [code]Declarations for the wrappers of the native structures to do with Codecs and configurations
AudRecordCLI/DataBufferWrap.cppImplements the managed wrapper around the INSSBuffer interface and th native wrapper around
AudRecordCLI/DataBufferWrap.h [code]Contains declarations of the managed versions and wrappers of the INSSBuffer interface
AudRecordCLI/EndpointWrap.h [code]Declarations for the wrappers of the native structures to do with Endpoints
AudRecordCLI/Error.cppImplements exceptions and error related functions
AudRecordCLI/Error.h [code]Hosts declarations for error and exception related functions
AudRecordCLI/ETWEvents.cppDefines the AudRecordCLI event provider GUID and includes the shared file to enable event reporting
AudRecordCLI/InterfaceWrap.cppImplements a basic wrapper around an ITargetSink interface that allows it to be passed to the native IAudRecordCLI::AddCustomSink()
AudRecordCLI/InterfaceWrap.h [code]Declares elements required for a managed custom sink to be passed to the IAudRecord interface
AudRecordCLI/main.cppContains the entrypoint to the dll
AudRecordCLI/resource.h [code]
AudRecordCLI/stdafx.h [code]Precompiled header containing project wide definition macros and functions
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